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Marketing Yourself From Perm to Contract

Moving from a permanent role to a contracting role can be quite daunting, especially when you have no idea where to start. To guide you through the process, I have a few tips on how to successfully market yourself from perm to contract.


So, why move from perm to contract?


Often, the motivation to move from perm to contract can be the financial aspect. There is no denying that being an independent contractor can allow you to benefit in setting your own financial standards. However, there are a few risks which need to be considered – the main one being that not all work is guaranteed. The balance of working and looking for another opportunity can be quite challenging to manage. Added to this, there is always the risk of going a few months unemployed, but this is where recruiters like myself come into play.


The flexibility to choose when you work, where you work and what you do for work is another incentive that draws people to contracting employment. As a perm employee, you may have quite a fixed role with limited ability to choose which tasks to take on. Contracting offers more flexibility. Contractors often tell me that they like the freedom to choose what they like to do. Contracting also allows employees to specialise and utilise their skillset in a niche industry.



How to market yourself:


1.     Updated CV


It is advised to have a clear and updated CV which includes all your current skill sets. As a contractor, your skill set will naturally progress. Showing off your varied skillset makes your CV stand out. Highlighting the combination of experience and skills you have within your specialism demonstrates the value you can add to an organisation for any employer you wish to work for.


2.     Stay Connected


Staying connected in your industry should be a priority during your move from perm to contract. Being well known and aware of any changes within the field, or even any live job roles is key, especially when on the look for future jobs.

Social media can play a big part in this. More specifically, the platform LinkedIn. Growing your network, connecting with others within the industry and displaying your achievements and experience allows potential employers to easily see your accomplishments.

3.     Contact Recruiters


As a contractor, it can be quite challenging searching for jobs suited to your capabilities within your niche market, but this is where specialist recruiters can help you.  

Our recruiters here at IT Works Health, are best positioned to help you throughout the entire process. From the very first call, to the very last interview, they specialise in connecting experts in niche IT Sytems roles within the healthcare industry.


Ultimately, moving from perm to contract provides flexibility. Whether you would like to step away from work, travel or get back into work after a few months off – the move from perm to contract can be made easier with the right marketing! Staying connected and growing your network allows you to keep updated with the latest news and opportunities in your industry.

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