Cerner jobs in the UK are highly prized - but they have high entry standards.

Looking for Cerner Jobs in the UK

Why Are Cerner Jobs in the UK so Hard to Find?

Within the healthcare industry Cerner is a leading name in electronic patient records (EPR). It’s used by many NHS trusts and by private institutions across the country. But it can still be hard to find Cerner jobs in the UK.

What should you be aware of before you start looking? How should you prepare?

Why Are Cerner Jobs in the UK so Hard to Find?

While there are very few entry-level IT roles where absolutely anybody could come in off the street and immediately do the job perfectly, there are quite a few posts in the industry where just basic technical knowledge will get you by while you ease into the role and learn as you go.

These jobs are easy to recruit for; you might luck into a perfect candidate who already has experience in the role, but if not, there isn’t going to be too much of a catch-up curve for whoever you find.

However, employers can’t adopt the same cheerful approach to filling Cerner roles. Not only is Cerner an advanced piece of software, not only is it far less commonly used than Microsoft Office, but also there can’t be the same ‘ease into position’ time as for these other roles. If a hospital’s EPR is not properly maintained, the knock-on risk to patients is obvious.

Accordingly, hiring managers will not hire candidates who are not already at least trained in Cerner – and they don’t really even want to see CVs which don’t have some training and/or experience, as the amount of time spent in discarding those really adds up!

This means that Cerner jobs aren’t advertised widely. Instead you have to watch for specialist advertising or make yourself easy to find for anyone recruiting.

Catching the Recruiter’s Eye

As more and more of these roles are placed through specialist recruiters, it’s important not just to be easy to find but to be able to show you’ll be a perfect fit for a given role. Keeping your CV up to date and available is a key part of this; you’ll likely also want to maintain a presence on LinkedIn.

Most importantly, make sure you’ve got a conversation going with specialist recruiters working in health. We’ll hear about these posts as they go live, and we’ll be happy to discuss roles we believe you’re a strong fit for.

We check for this by looking not just at your Cerner experience but everything you’ve done and all of your ongoing experience. We’ll even work to get a sense of your personality and how you fit into a business culture.

That way we can place the right candidate in the right role.

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