​Having spent time working as a mechanic, Lewiss knew he was looking for something more. And after taking eight months out to travel around South America, he had a clearer sense of what he wanted out of life.

Recruitment came calling as an opportunity to learn and develop skills that will be invaluable in life outside work as well as during the working day. He’s been putting these skills to the test working with candidates and clients in the Workday market.

As one of the bigger brands in HRIS, Workday demands a consultant known for attention to detail and a commitment to deliver only the very best. Lewiss enjoys that the market is so people oriented. He enjoys working with his candidates to further their careers and interacting on a personal level with customers. This pushes Lewiss to be the expert in what he does.

His background as a mechanic has given him an understanding of precision and accuracy that a recruiter absolutely needs. He often reminds both clients and candidates that you wouldn't try running an engine of one of the parts you'd built it from didn't fit; your company will have problems that are just as big if the wrong candidate is placed in a role.

When he’s not busy at his desk, you might find Lewiss walking his dachshund Sizzle, exploring the Lake District, or enjoying his newest passion, one he picked up in South America – scuba diving!