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​We recognise that PACS (picture archiving and communication system) and RIS (Radiology Information Systems) act as two complementary systems and are integrated in most radiology clinics. While RIS improves workflow and streamlines processes, PACS provide storage and a long-term option for the management of patient information. PACS also provides features and tools for advanced image manipulation. RIS and PACS jobs are among the most important in the digital health recolution.

Our consultants understand the intricacies within PACS/RIS systems and recognise cross=over with DICOM/HL7. We are people experts first and foremost, although, through years of building relationships and asking crucial questions at the right time, our consultants have an irreplaceable grasp of the partnership between Meta Data (Patient Data) and Pixel Data. 

IT Works Health can co-ordinate and provide valuable resources within expanding teams.

Key Specialist

As one of our experts in PACS, Joe is passionate about his role within the Healthcare IT market and enjoys working with clients to find the perfect resource to help them continue to grow and improve their organisation. Joe follows the evolution of PACS and RIS systems closely, not just to keep his professional knowledge up to date but also from a “patient” perspective.

Rosie is constantly amazed and impressed with the changing technology of PACS and RIS, especially the part they play in saving and prolonging lives as well as diagnosing illnesses and disease. She's passionate about putting the right people in RIS and PACS jobs.


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% of PACS placements are within the public sector

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the top 3 words used to describe our PACS consultants were Trustworthy, Professional and Pro-Active

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Joe Dawson talks about a previous PACS & RIS implementation
Case Study Video

Joe Dawson

Case Study

A project I recruited for was with an NHS Trust whose project had been delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The customer was looking to add additional resource but was unsure what direction to go in. From speaking with the customer, they had already tried to a number of options but the project didn’t seem to be moving at the pace they would have liked.

After speaking with the CIO at the trust about the requirements at great length, it was agreed that the priority was to find a PACS/RIS Project Manager who had the appropriate leadership skills and experience to join a project mid-way through, to get it back on track and manage all parts of the project (technical and people management). 

The Project Manager I sourced was on a short notice period, had excellent PACS/RIS project management skills and the ability to roll up her sleeves and get involved with the project on a technical level but also made the teams accountable for getting the project back on track. I had already worked the candidate previously and knew she had a reputation for coming in on to failing projects. Despite the immense challenge, she kept a positive mindset and delivered to the highest standards. 

The project is now back on track and within the budget. The Trust are now in a much better position, can push on with their plans of getting the first site live, without the worry and stress of recruiting. A weight was lifted from the shoulders of the senior leadership team, and I am proud to have played a part in what will be a successful global rollout of PACS and RIS rollout.