Daniel Bennett

Daniel Bennett

EPR & Clinical Systems Service Manager

When you think about a career change you often look at the transferrable job skills you have and how these could be utilised differently, for Daniel Bennett that wasn’t quite the case! As a Head Chef at a local dining pub Daniel had become bored with the role and couldn’t see a future path within the same industry. Searching for a new challenge Daniel started to look at different options and a friend suggested he should try recruitment. After a bit of research into the sector Daniel applied for a role here at IT Works and although he didn’t have industry experience or existing market knowledge, he had the X factor, the thing we prize above all – the personality and drive to succeed.

As one of our Health IT experts Daniel works with a host of different NHS clients, sourcing the perfect resource for Trusts up and down the country and matching candidates to their ideal role within the Health Care sector. This is a challenging market with lots of fast-moving requirements, budget, and time pressures as well as the external factors which have been putting immense pressure on this sector during the Coronavirus Pandemic however, it is a market that Daniel loves being part of. The space allows for quality engagement with business minded individuals, working in partnership with professional organisations who are focused on patient care and finding solutions to support both.

Daniel is a key member of the team here at IT Works and is often the centre point of our social activities. As an ardent Manchester City fan Daniel enjoys the office banter around football and out of work enjoys nothing more than a visit to the Etihad Stadium to cheer his team on. If you only had one word to use to describe Daniel it would be Northern. With his forthright manner, cheeky humour, and friendly banter this Bolton lad exudes northern charm.

The character traits which combine to make our Daniel into an expert are passion, drive, determination, and commitment, combine these with his market intelligence, great connections and professionalism and you have the perfect partner to source your resource or find your next role.


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