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What we mean by, "We're Connecting Experts"?

We are a recruitment company, established in 2004

We specialise in connecting employers within the healthcare sector with digital professionals and niche skillsets.

To discuss skillsets and availability of Digital Health Professionals in the market contact us.

Niche Skillsets

Our Employer Dedicated Service Managers

We understand the importance of providing our employers with a dedicated Service Manager who acts as their single point of contact with our internal team.

Meet Our Service Managers, Tom, Danny, and Chantelle.

Have an immediate requirement for resource? Help us connect you to the right Service Manager...

Resource Requirement

Procuring Our Services

After 20 years as industry experts we appreciate the complexities of our employers processes and protocols, when it comes to hiring digital professionals. Therefore we see it as our priority to provide employers with options.

There are a number of factors that influence the availability of niche skilled candidates that can impact your business objectives. At IT Works we have perfected the process through a combination of experience and feedback to deliver a bespoke service that is designed around your business needs.

Crown Commercial ServiceG-Cloud

Our NHS CCS frameworks support direct contact with suppliers. This enabled us to build good working relationships with our employers, provide agile recruitment, reduce time to hire, and provide audited compliance assurance.

Find out more about procuring a service contract or a time and materials contract via framework.

Average time to fill
3 days
Positions filled
Contracts extended

Employer Case Studies

We create case studies to share with you the experience of a range of employers and demonstrate the scope of our services.

Our employers vary in their level of digitalisation, therefore we add value to employers by sharing with them the experiences, challenges, and digital solutions

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Have A Question About Our Services?

Visit our Employers FAQs page to find out the answers to some of the most frequently asked employer questions.

Employer FAQs