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Since 2004 IT Works Health has supplied infrastructure and support specialists to the NHS and healthcare organisations throughout the UK.

Over the last 19 years, our team of dedicated recruiters has built up a strong and reliant network of infrastructure and support contractors that help our clients achieve their digital objectives.

Whether it be that you’re looking for a Technical Programme Director to help orchestrate and oversee a programme of work, a team of Engineers to assist with the upgrade of hardware and rollouts, or a team of Service Desk Analysts to assist with a busy go-live period, IT Works Health can assist with all stages of a technical programme.

Roles We Work...

Programme Managers

Responsible for co-ordinating multiple projects at once, your programme manager plays a vital role in logistics. They are responsible for the delivery of programmes and projects within the NHS, ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget.

Project Management • Logistics • Project Delivery

Project Manager

The role of a project manager is multi-faceted, and they need to be organised, problem-solving, and end-user focused. Your ‘boots on the ground’ coordinator, the primary responsibilities of a project manager include planning, coordinating, and executing projects related to the development, deployment, maintenance, and optimisation of systems.

Project Management • Project Coordination • Risk Management • Change Management • Quality Assurance

Service Desk Manager

The Service Desk Manager is responsible for ensuring that service desk operations adhere to the quality standards set by the company. They must ensure that all service requests are handled in a timely and efficient manner. The Service Desk Manager must also possess excellent customer service skills and ensure that customer inquiries are answered in a professional and courteous manner.

Technical Knowledge • Project Coordination • Team Leadership

IT Manager

The IT Manager oversees personnel recruitment, software implementation, budget management, and policy development. Rapid problem-solving and effective communication are essential, as they collaborate across departments to assess and fulfil IT needs. Independence and initiative are crucial for maintaining seamless technology operations within the healthcare organisation.

Technical Knowledge • Project Management • Team Leadership • Procurement knowledge of systems

IT Engineer

The IT Engineer designs, implements, and oversees an organisation's IT systems, ensuring stability and efficiency. Proficient in hardware, software, and networks, they identify and resolve issues, aligning systems with business needs. Their role is pivotal in maintaining a robust IT infrastructure and meeting organisational requirements.

Technical Knowledge • strong communication skills • system expertise • strong prioritising skills

Service Desk Analyst

A Service Desk Analyst is a vital asset, offering IT support and guidance to colleagues and customers. They handle diverse IT concerns, from installations to troubleshooting, swiftly resolving issues. Additionally, they monitor and update computer systems, install software, provide training, and ensure system security for organisations.

Technical Knowledge • strong communication skills • system expertise • strong prioritising skills

Helping Organisations To Level-Up

IT infrastructure and support are integral to the NHS Long Term Plan, enabling digital transformation, data sharing, remote care, preventive measures, research, patient engagement, and efficient healthcare delivery with enhanced security.

From a full project team to individual resource, our experts are agile, responsive, and adaptive; delivering talent solutions tailored to your requirements. 

Supporting Trust’s through HIMSS levels:

Stage 0

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Stage 6

Stage 7

We provide a variety of pre-referenced IT Support Specialists to monitor and maintain systems for both public and private organisations within the healthcare space. We understand the importance of continuity and accessibility, the valuable addition of either a full team of experts or an individual skillset can be essential to the maintenance of your IT infrastructure.

Not sure about the resource needed for the HIMSS level your organisation wants to achieve?

Book an options appraisal with one of our dedicated service managers Tom & Daniel.

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Our Expert Team

Connecting speed of delivery with quality of service, our 180-recruitment model has enabled our team to work more effectively. Giving us greater coverage of the market, we’re continuing to elevate our service offerings. In addition to their market specialisms, our recruitment experts now have a regional focus.

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Providing both candidate and client with a greater number of options than ever before, there’s never been a better time to get connected.

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