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For almost 20 years, we've partnered with LIMS specialists.

With nearly two decades of building our extensive connecting community, our dedicated recruiting team brings a wealth of experience to the table. Inspiring digital health innovations, we connect you with the right talent at the right moment. This frees you to focus on what truly matters – improving patient care. Let's talk about how we can support your mission! 

Whether you’re looking for a LIMS Project Manager to implement your digital transformation project or want to strengthen your department with a LIMS Support Specialist, we make the talent search simple.

Roles We Work...

LIMS Project Manager

A LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) Project Manager oversees the planning, implementation, and maintenance of LIMS software solutions for laboratories. They coordinate teams, manage timelines, gather requirements, ensure system integration, and facilitate communication between technical experts and laboratory personnel to streamline data management, enhance efficiency, and maintain data integrity.

IT Knowledge • Project Management • Laboratory Operations • Communication • Problem-Solving

LIMS Implementation Consultant

A LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) Implementation Consultant guides organisations through the process of adopting and optimizing LIMS software. They analyse lab workflows, customise the system, ensure seamless integration, provide training, and troubleshoot issues. Their goal is to enhance data management, compliance, and efficiency within scientific and research settings.

LIMS Expertise • Technical Skills • Communication • Training • Problem-Solving

LIMS Support Specialist

A LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) Support Specialist assists in the implementation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of LIMS software. They collaborate with laboratory staff to ensure smooth data management, user training, system upgrades, and resolve technical issues. Their role is vital in optimising laboratory operations and ensuring accurate data tracking.

LIMS Knowledge • Technical Skills • Troubleshooting • Customer Service • Documentation

LIMS Trainer

A LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) trainer educates laboratory staff on using LIMS software effectively. They design and conduct training programs, create user guides, and offer technical support. Their role ensures seamless adoption of LIMS, enhancing data accuracy, efficiency, and compliance within laboratory operations.

LIMS Proficiency • Teaching Skills • Communication • Training Materials • Adaptability

LIMS Manager

A LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) Manager usually specialises in pathology and oversees the efficient operation of data and workflows within a pathology laboratory. The role of a LIMS Manager involves implementing, maintaining, and optimising the LIMS, ensuring accurate specimen tracking, data integrity, and seamless collaboration between laboratory teams for precise diagnostic outcomes.

Leadership • LIMS Knowledge • Team Management • Strategic Planning • Budgeting

LIMS Integration Specialist

A LIMS Integration Specialist facilitates the smooth interaction of Laboratory Information Management Systems with diverse laboratory equipment, databases, and software. They ensure seamless data exchange, harmonised workflows, and regulatory compliance, streamlining laboratory processes and enhancing data accuracy for efficient scientific analysis and informed decision-making.

Integration Skills • Data Mapping • Software Integration • Troubleshooting • Communication

Helping Organisations Level Up

Elevating NHS services, a LIMS system is designed to streamline laboratory workflows, reduce turnaround times for tests, enhance data accuracy, and facilitate seamless information sharing amongst different healthcare providers.

Helping organisations maximise the benefits of tech investments, we’re the LIMS recruitment specialists with expert solutions to the talent search.

We understand that levelling up your organisation starts with digital transformation. And with the right experts in place, we equip your organisation with the support it needs to be successful on its journey of transformational change.

Here are some of the industries we operate within:

  • Healthcare and Clinical Laboratories
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
  • Food and Beverage
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Chemicals and Petrochemicals
  • Forensics and Criminal Justice
  • Research and Academia
  • Energy and Utilities

From a full project team to singular skill sets, our experts are dynamic, proactive, and flexible; delivering resource options tailored to your requirements. 

We are well equipped to provide bespoke staffing support across all facets of the laboratory IT space and are experts at providing both contract and permanent solutions to systems ranging from LIMS and ELNs to CDS and SDMS applications. 

Book a meeting with our dedicated LIMS recruitment service manager Chantelle Cox.

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Our Expert Team

We are an entirely vendor-independent recruitment agency, which allows us to offer an impartial and balanced perspective. 

Our professionally-trained recruitment consultants possess the in-depth knowledge to expertly serve the needs of IT professionals whether it be candidates, stakeholders or decision-makers.

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