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What is a Time & Materials contract?

A Time and Materials contract is a flexible working arrangement.

Employers hire and pay out based on hours worked and material used. A Time & Materials contract allows employers to avoid having to hire a contractor based on a fixed length or fixed price.

This type of contract is beneficial to employers hiring for projects where scope is unclear and undefined. A Time & Materials contract gives you a framework to work within ensuring you can hire as and when you need resource whilst limiting runaway costs with agreed pay rates.

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When is it best to use a Time & Materials contract?

The best use of a Time & Materials contract is dependent on your current situation.

Although, there are some particular use cases where you as an employer would choose to hire on a Time & Materials contract. For example, if a project is forecasted to go beyond expected project timelines and material costs have increased a Time and Materials contract could be the more beneficial option. By fixing agreed rates for a fair price, a Time and Materials contract can mitigate any unexpected project costs.

Of course, there are a multitude of scenarios where a Time & Materials contract would be your best option to use when hiring contractors.

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The Advantages

Follow best practices for clear documentation, regular communication, comprehensive reporting, and efficient change management.

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Flexibility to adapt to evolving project scopes.
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Transparent cost breakdowns for trust and accountability.
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Collaboration with service providers for informed decision-making.
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Address cost uncertainty with upfront estimates and regular reporting.
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Manage project scope changes with efficient change management processes.