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As part of the digital health transformation process, organisations are having to reassess not just the tools and systems they use but the business structure which interacts with them. Migrating to electronic patient record systems requires that you have people readily available who can support you. But how do you go about advertising EPR jobs to find the right candidates?

The Challenges of Advertising EPR Jobs

To understand the candidate pool, it’s probably best to think of digital health as a series of small niches. Compared to the wider tech landscape, no job has a particularly large pool when it comes to qualified candidates – but as with tech as a whole, there are often plenty of people out there who think they can do the job and will apply for the job even if it’s not an entry-level position.

For the most part, healthcare organisations cope with this by not advertising EPR jobs widely. The concern is that finding qualified candidates in too great a selection of under-qualified applicants won’t be found – or at least that finding them will take too much time to be worthwhile.

The Solution

If that’s the challenge, how do you fix it?

There are various solutions being used, but they all ultimately hinge on using networking to its fullest.

In some cases, EPR specialists already working for the company will be asked to reach out to former colleagues and see who might be interested in filling the role.

Moe often, specialist recruitment agencies are called in. Unlike the big-name traditional agencies, specialist agencies must earn their keep by connecting people who wouldn’t find each other without them. That means heavy networking – and a clear understanding both of what clients are looking for and what candidates can do.

Without both of these, the results are much the same as publishing the advert on a big job board. As already discussed, that’s more trouble than benefit.

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