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Benefits of Remote Work in a Niche Market

Over the last year almost every aspect of working life has undergone a significant change. Some f...

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The Benefits of Remote LIMS Working

​If there is one positive that niche IT Recruitment can take from the recent global pandemic, it ...

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Cyber Security in Medical Imaging

In this month’s blog, I will be covering Cyber Security in Medical Imaging and whether it is some...

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The Benefits of an In-House LIMS Specialist

When talking to new clients and companies within the LIMS marketplace, one of the most common iss...

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Five Stages of EPR Implementation

Change Management StrategyPut together an effective change management strategy which includes bot...

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Working an Under-Resourced Project

​Implementation SuccessI read an interesting blog the other day entitled, “Guidelines for a Succe...

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Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Radiologists?

​Over the years of speaking with Medical Imaging Professionals, a topic arises every now and then...

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LIMS Implementations: What Could Go Wrong?

Recently while conducting some market research I read a startling statistic. Industry analysts li...

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Does the Cost of an EPR Reflect the Benefits?

​The BasicsI’m going to share a few experiences from Trusts I’ve come across in my time in the EP...

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