Multi-site LIMS Implementation Case Study

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Partnering With An NHS Foundation Trust

Is your Trust looking to implement a LIMS system? Have you hired the right experts needed for the project?

Here’s how we helped one Trust lead its LIMS implementation project with a people-first approach.

Multi-site LIMS Implementation
1 System
3 Experts
5 Hospitals

The Requirement

NHS trust was not getting where they wanted to with their LIMS implementation, we had a long call to talk about where they can see gaps and who I think could fit well into the organisation to fill these gaps and get the project to where it should be.

The Trust was planning a multi-site project LIMS implementation project that would be rolled out to the 5 hospital sites within its remit. The LIMS implementation project would take a phased approach, with roll-out happening one by one.

Having a previous relationship with IT Works Health, the client and I collaborated closely to work on the requirements needed to be able to get the impending project off the ground. After speaking with the client, it was decided that in the first rollout, they’d need a LIMS Project Manager, a LIMS Reporting Specialist, and a LIMS Integration Specialist. 

Main Objectives

  • Implementation of LIMS system
  • To find 3 different specialist candidates with their new LIMS system experience
  • Streamline processes for a better outcome and better use of the LIMS system
  • Integrate LIMS system within the trusts pre-existing IT ecosystem
  • Implemented sound quality control checks and validation procedures

Project Progress

Implementation Planning

Started in one hospital and gradually phased the implementation across the 5 hospitals as part of the digital transformation project. The LIMS Project Manager hired was instrumental in writing, co-ordinating, and customising the implementation plan whilst liaising with senior stakeholders to align organisational goals.

Integration Specialist

Were responsible for ensuring the newly implemented LIMS system integrated with existing IT in the Trust. Communicated effectively with other project teams as part of the larger digital transformation plans. It was vitally important for the Integration Specialist to interact with the right people, recommend system changes, and carry out any approved configurations.

Reporting Specialist

The reporting specialist needed to work on backlogged reports to get certain areas of the business updated with their findings. Collating system data, the reporting specialist played an important role in delivering analytical insights to the project team ensuring the LIMS systems were working optimally.

The Delivery

Speaking with the client, they’ve said that all candidates are working very well transforming the way the project has moved forward.

So far, the project has completed 1/5 hospitals and they are underway on the second hospital. Due to the processes the LIMS specialists have put into place, this will get easier with each hospital. For example, the LIMS Reporting Specialist has now got them to where they need to be in a good timely manner with weekly and monthly reports showing changes and helping several teams to move the implementation forward.

The pathology department within the site in the post-go-live stage is now undergoing training for the new system. In addition to training, integrations have been aligned with all of the existing systems ensuring a smooth transition period.

Experts Connected

The Results

In regard to the overall project, everything is where it should be, and planned go-live for other hospitals are being confirmed.

Connecting Experts

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