Radiology Service Desk Support Case Study

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Partnering With An NHS Foundation Trust

Looking to drive PACS departmental efficiency? Have you considered hiring a Radiology Service Desk Manager?

Here’s how we helped one client lead its recruitment for specialist support with a people-first approach.

Radiology Service Desk Support
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The Requirement

Confronted with persistent operational inefficiencies within their radiology service desk, my client aspired for a radical transformation. Recognising the unparalleled expertise I bring as the PACS and RIS specialised recruitment consultant, they sought my assistance to redefine and elevate their radiology operations.

The previous employee hired didn’t have the technical acumen needed to complete the role to its full breadth. What the client was looking for was someone who could lead the service desk support system, serve as an escalation point for junior members of staff and clients, and be well-versed in technical processes. Without the right person for the role, the business would suffer from increased delays, bottleneck service requests, decreased satisfaction rates, and potential loss of business. 

Main Objectives

  • Revitalise the radiology service desk for optimal functionality.
  • Boost customer experience through rapid and efficient services.
  • Latest in radiology technology to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Empower the internal teams with tailored training modules for consistent peak performance.
  • Nurture a rich collaboration between the radiology service desk and their clientele.

Project Progress

In-depth Radiology Desk Evaluation

Together with my client, we conducted a profound analysis of the existing challenges – from procedural hiccups to technological limitations and skill deficiencies. It became evident that introducing a skilled manager was pivotal for the service’s success.

Precision-focused Candidate Profiling and Recruitment

Leveraging my expansive network and industry insight, we collaborated to produce an ideal candidate profile who would . I worked to source candidates, handpicking those whose proficiencies aligned impeccably with the business’s objectives and futuristic vision.

Comprehensive Training and Onboarding Approach

To ensure a smooth transition for the newly recruited manager, I assisted in refining their onboarding process. I identified areas for streamlining and pinpointed where additional details were required. Central to my approach was reinforcing the client's core values while imparting knowledge on cutting-edge radiology techniques.

The Delivery

Immediate Impact

Upon my strategic intervention, my client welcomed on board a highly experienced radiology service desk manager. Under their stewardship, the team witnessed a commendable 20% surge in efficiency and project dynamism.


Long-term Gains

Following implementation, we observed significant enhancements in radiology operations. Procedures became more efficient, leading to a noteworthy 25% increase in client satisfaction. At the same time, the workforce benefited from clearer role definitions and strengthened inter-departmental collaborations, enhancing the organization's overall health.

Efficiency Surge

The Results

Leveraging my specialised expertise in PACS and RIS recruitment, I was able to turn my client's vision into measurable success, establishing a new standard for radiology excellence with my placement of an exceptional radiology service desk manager. 

Connecting Experts

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