5 Tips For A Successful LIMS Implementation

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Here are 5 top tips…


Tip 1. Make sure your budget is big enough


More often than not, budget is the biggest obstacle standing in the way of a successful implementation. Forecasting for any hidden costs, allowing for contingencies, and ensuring your budget is measured against market rates ensures you are properly investing in your output. Investing in quality resources will ultimately drive implementation success.


Tip 2. Research your LIMS system


You want the most effective outcome? Research is key!

Picking the right LIMS system is fundamental to the success of any implementation. By researching the market, you can weigh up the options available to you. Comparing a range of products ensures you can select the one that best matches your criteria.


Tip 3. Strike a resource balance


Allocating resources with the right balance is important. For example, this can look like having different contract type employees. Onboarding permanent staff alongside contractors can prepare you for any changes to capacity. Preparing for eventualities such as changes to resources keeps the wheels of your implementation, in motion.


 Tip 4. Have a realistic timescale


Being realistic about your timescale puts your project into perspective. The number one issue faced by our clients is the pressure of time-bound deadlines. Speaking with a specialist recruiter can help you to understand the current market to ensure that deadlines can be met accordingly. Having a realistic timescale means that you can hire the right talent, at the right time enabling your LIMS implementation to be a success.


 Tip 5. Hiring the right people


Knowledge, expertise, and skill is essential for any successful LIMS implementation. Because a Project Manager can either make or break an implementation, it is important to find and invest in the right talent; and being niche LIMS recruiters, we have access to some of the best talent the market has to offer.


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