Benefits of a Cloud-based PACS Solution

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Being a niche recruiter servicing the PACS industry, I notice the growing trends that emerge within the market. Demand for Cloud-based systems have increased gradually over the past few years, and I have worked closely with a lot of PACS vendors that are looking to transition from their existing server-based system. With more and more healthcare providers choosing to transition to the Cloud, its popularity doesn’t seem to be stopping.

Benefits of a Cloud-based PACS Solution
Why has demand increased? The answer is that there are so many undeniable benefits to a Cloud-based PACS system. As a simple, effective, and secure solution for healthcare organisations, a Cloud-based solution increases accessibility, recovers data easily, secures data, and reduces costs.


Sharing images and information becomes a whole lot simpler. Without servers physically stored on premises, the Cloud makes information accessible anywhere and at any time. This also means that the space is freed up that can be repurposed for another use. Without the limitations of a physical space, a cloud-based solution can be built and scaled according to specific needs.

Data Recovery
Data recovery is easy with a Cloud-based solution. This is because all your files, data, applications are all backed up externally in a separate location. Why is this handy? Well, in case of an emergency, you are afforded a quick and efficient process data recovery.

Data Security
Data security is a concern for every organisation. However, the transition to a Cloud-based system doesn’t need to be anything to worry in terms of keeping information safe. Instead, this PACS solution offers reinforced protection for all your data.


Cost Reduction
Arguably, the most important benefit to a Cloud-based PACS solution is the reduction in costings. Freeing up important resources such as physical space, access points. With this solution, financial outgoings previously tied up in these resources can be reallocated. This means costings can be redirected elsewhere in departments. Looking forwards to the future of healthcare organisations, Cloud-based solutions are a way to lead innovation that exponentially improve practices and processes.


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