Benefits of a PACS Cross-Site Collaboration

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What is a PACS cross site collaboration?
A PACS cross-site collaboration is when two or more sites have implemented a PACS solution. Working together, different sites can then communicate, send, and receive important medical images on patient records. As more than one site moves to a PACS solution it’s this connectivity that speeds the process of communication.


What are the benefits?​

Faster patient diagnosis
One of the main benefits to a cross-site collaboration is the improvements to accessibility. With a PACS cross-site collaboration, regardless of locality, vital patient information can be accessed. This means documentation delays become more infrequent. Streamlining the communication process, information can be passed along quicker to relevant medical professionals. Receiving information without delays means that patients can be diagnosed much faster. Ultimately, a PACS cross-site collaboration saves lives that could potentially be lost without such informed efficiency.

Improved patient care
Patient care is always at the core of any healthcare organisation. A PACS cross-site collaboration is no different as to what it seeks to deliver.

How does it improve patient care? Well, say you have a patient seeking care at a healthcare practice different to where they usually receive treatment, their patient records can still be accessed. Sending cross-site case files, patients no longer have to wait for documentation to be received from other trusts. Within time-pressured situations, receiving patient information is critical. Particularly if patients are needing to be seen by a specialist medical professional at a different site, cross-site collaboration ensures patients experience the same high level of care.

Easier data management
Management of patient records and data is a lot easier. Cross-site collaboration means that you can better keep track of information. With information stored in a central location case files are easily organised, accessed, and shared.


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