Case Study: RIS Implementation

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​Today, I’ll be talking you through a recent RIS (Radiology Information System) requirement from the initial process of resourcing to the end result.

The client in focus reached out to us here at IT Works Health in need of a specialist recruitment expert to help resource for a single RIS Application Specialist role. As the requirement was for a leading radiology information systems provider, they needed someone who could hit the ground running alongside their current team. Left with limited capacity within the team and multiple projects currently at implementation and go-live stage, the client was keen to make a swift hire in order to quickly deliver turnaround on customer demands.

Having an already established relationship with the team and I, the client didn’t hesitate to reach out. Initial conversations with the client covered everything from requirements of the role itself to what they were looking for in a candidate. After a thorough qualification, it was understood they needed a resource who could work on multiple RIS projects providing training and support for their clients. They also requested that the candidate have vast RIS industry knowledge, skill, and experience and would be best suited to working within a dynamic customer-facing environment.

Delivery of RIS Resource Solutions

Whilst at face-value this appeared to be a difficult to fill role, ultimately the experience I have connecting experts within the RIS and PACS market meant I was best-positioned to deliver on client expectations. In less than 2 hours after requirement qualification, I managed to speak with multiple RIS specialists in my network who not only matched my client’s requirements but were interested in the opportunity.  

With a unique combination of skill, knowledge, relevant experience, there were 3 candidates that fit the bill. Qualification also involved taking into consideration the clients proposed budget and timescales (including talent search, interview process, notice period, and onboarding). Presenting the client with 3 candidate profiles, the decision was made to interview all of the candidates selected.

The interview phase was a 2-stage process.

In the first-stage interview, the client was interested to find out more about each candidate, their current and previous roles, and the transferrable skills they could apply to the role. After first-stage interviews, the client narrowed down their preference to two of the candidates.

The second interview was the final stage of the interview process. The two respective RIS candidates both received excellent feedback and were deemed a success by all parties involved. Initially, the client was set on one job offer however they were undecided on which candidate to choose. Not wanted to let go of either candidate, the client was keen to reconsider their requirements. Whilst budget discussions were being had on the client’s side, I ensured all parties were kept well-informed and engaged. Wanting to hire both high-calibre candidates, the client decided to offer them both a position in the company; and within a week of the initial requirement offers were on the table.

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Connecting Experts in PACS & RIS

Unlike standard recruitment agencies, our niche channels provide you with resource solutions that are focused, relevant and timely. For you as a hiring manager this means delivering you the best available market talent for the resource gaps you are needing to fill. What we have an appreciation for here at IT Works Health is that hiring the right employee isn’t just about expertise, it’s about finding the right fit. Add in the pressure of time, most times finding a candidate of gold standard is a seemingly impossible task. Finding the right person, with the right expertise, at the right time is what makes us recruitment specialists. Dedicated to our market niche, we offer tailored solutions specific to resource requirements.

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