Celebrating 10 Years of Tom Wyke!

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There’s one member of the IT Works family who is celebrating a huge milestone…10 years in the business!
Starting out in recruitment on what he claims to be a ‘blow in the wind’, it was clear from the offset that this is was what he was born to do. Now a member of the senior leadership team, he is a constant rock to his colleagues and to the business alike. With his signature sense of humour, enthusiasm for progress, and steadfast commitment to the digital health space, it’s clear to everyone that Tom is integral to the IT Works DNA.

Here’s what he has to say in his own words…
“Today marks my 10-year anniversary with IT Works.

10 years / 3,650 days / 5,256,000 minutes / 315,360,000 seconds – whichever way you cut it, it looks like a long time, but it still feels like yesterday when I walked through the doors for the very first time and entered the world of recruitment and IT Works.

Having fallen into recruitment on a whim after leaving University, I can look back and say it’s the best thing to have happened in my life (outside of getting married and becoming a parent for the first time…. don’t want to end up in the dog-house).

IT Works has given me the opportunity to work with some fantastic people across the last 10 years, some who have been and gone, some who will remain friends for life, and others who I still have the pleasure of calling my colleagues to this day.

I was very fortunate when I was hired by IT Works to have been allocated to recruit within the Digital Healthcare market, predominantly for NHS organisations. It’s been a pleasure operating within this network and building some brilliant relationships. Aside from the “recruitment” aspects of the job. It’s a genuine interest to hear how the candidates and clients we work with are constantly helping to evolve patient care through the development of Technology.

Seen as how I’m emotionally reflecting today, I’d like to thank Oliver Underwood for bringing me into IT Works many moons ago and giving me the chance to build a career. Also, Tim Bashall and Darren Mills who founded IT Works and have created a business that really does feel like you’re part of a family… it’s a shame they’re both Preston North End fans, but we all have our flaws. Last, but not least, a big thank you to Stuart Quinney who has guided the business from strength to strength over the last 6 years and developed an unbelievably ambitious culture that I’m proud to be a part of.

It feels like a great achievement to hit such a milestone, but the show doesn’t stop here. If you’re working within the world of Digital Healthcare and would like to discuss how we can potentially be of benefit to each other, then please don’t hesitate to drop me a line!

Have a good weekend and here’s to the next 10….”


Congratulations on your work anniversary Tom! We’re excited to celebrate everything you achieve in the next decade ;) ​