Comic Relief Sports Day 2022

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Ready, set, get your race on…  

Wednesday 9th March, we hosted a ‘Sport Day’ Fundraiser with everyone here in the office in aid of Comic Relief.

We went old school for this event, holding a few classics such as Egg & Spoon, 100m Dash, the Relay, and the Three-legged race. There were also some modern twists thrown in with an in-house Limbo contest and a Killer Darts tournament!

Egg & Spoon:

The Egg & Spoon was well attended with 3 rounds of heats to whittle down the competitors of the winners’ race. Our Egg & Spoon final had ropey beginnings with some suspects firing off before the whistle blow. Ultimately though, it was a close call between two standout opponents, our Operations and Marketing Manager Frances Newburn and our IFS Specialist Joe Anderton. With strong willed determination, Joe’s great form meant he was able to claim champion title.

100m Dash:

Up next (most widely speculated on by office pundits) was the 100m Dash. Hot on everyone’s must-watch list, the 100m Dash went off with a bang. After the 2 rounds of racing, our final sprint line up had taken shape. Racing against each other, our 4 finalists were fan favourites Matt Stanley and Chris Finch alongside underdogs Owen Pye and Daniel Booth. First across the line, with unrivalled speed was Matt Stanley earning him promotion to Olympian status. Training has already begun for next year’s 100m Dash rematch…

 The Relay:

We had some strong formations for the Relay race. Each team of four braced themselves for the tough competition ahead. Setting off in good pace, we had a clear front runner (NetSuite Specialist, Harley McGowan) from the get-go. Putting in a solid first leg, his team set the pace that the others were unable to match. Chasing down the competition, Rob Porter gave an impressive effort on the last 100m. Taking the crown though, it was Matt Stanley again who sealed victory for him and his teammates Harley McGowan, Stuart Quinney, and Emily Taberner.

Three-legged Race:

With friendships on the line, the three-legged race proved to be a test of both teamwork and coordination. Having some strong partnerships, the competition was left wide open for any of our teams to stride their way to the top of the podium. Setting their sights on gold however, Emily Hunter and Emily Taberner lead the final with unmatched focus and determination. Pipping Tim Bashall and Stuart Quinney to the post, the two ladies prevailed as the perfect pair.

Limbo Contest:

After a quick halftime break, we started up the second half with the limbo contest. With everyone in good spirits, limbo soundtrack blasting, the mood was set ready for the contestants. During the contest, there were some stellar performances that kept us all entertained. Namely, we had some supple standout stars such as Joe Anderton, Chris Finch, and Owen Pye. Clinching the contest however, it was marketer Laura Barker who had the lowest limbo.  

Killer Darts Tournament:

19 contestants, 3 lives, 1 number… the Killer Darts Tournament was underway. Having known rivalries go head-to-head, meant competitors were quickly wiped out within the first few rounds. Tactics in play, it wasn’t long before some opportunists took advantage to ‘throw’ out their rivals. Eventually, we had our last three contestants ready for our nail-biting showdown between Stuart Quinney, Rosie Haslam, and Rob Porter. With poise and precision our tournament winner Rob Porter claimed victory by out-darting his opponents.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our Comic Relief ‘Sports Day’ fundraiser. Through our efforts, we raised a massive £231.79 of donations. We all had a lot of fun getting stuck in fundraising for a great cause that supports people to break free from poverty, violence, and discrimination. Bring on next year…