Do You Need Interim or Permanent Resources?

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Interim resources

Interim resources are contractors typically working short-term projects. Employed for the ‘interim’ period in which their skills, experience and expertise are needed, contractors are an excellent solution for short-term requirements.

Usually, contractors are accustomed to hitting the ground running when it comes lifting your project off the ground. In most instances, hiring contractors can save you in time and money. Because of their contract type, expenses and time typically invested in training permanent employees can be kept to a minimum for interim employees.

If you are looking to hire specialists to complete a project or provide a solution to a specific problem, then contractors are where you should invest your resources. Providing temporary solutions to longer-term aims, interim staff can bridge the skills shortage gap. This means that if you are struggling to find a permanent resource, using interim resources can buy you the much-needed time to eventually find the right person to suit your long-term aims.


Permanent resources

Permanent resources are more suited to longer-term requirements. Within your organisation, a permanent employee can add value to your already existing team – allowing the team to thrive. If you’ve not yet built up an internal team, hiring a permanent resource can be a great starting point!

Having a specialist within your business can also be more cost effective if you are planning for a series of projects. Placing a permanent employee to oversee this process often means that you are best positioned to have the ongoing support you need to keep your system up and running efficiently.


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