Growing Your PACS Team

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Key Players You Should Be Hiring…

The PACS Manager

The PACS Manager always thinks big! Whether it’s thinking about the team or innovating workflows, the PACS Manager sees things from a wider perspective. Within a department, the PACS Manager is a significant knowledge source for others in the team and the ultimate expert in all things PACS.

The PACS Manager is someone who cares about the smaller details others may overlook. In the pursuit of perfection, the PACS Manager isn’t afraid to comb through a document or two. They understand the importance of policies, procedures and service delivery knowing how innovation starts at the beginning.

What differentiates the good from the great, is the PACS manager’s people management effectiveness. Understanding of how the pieces of the jigsaw fit together, the PACS Manager drives departmental efficiency. As natural leaders, the PACS Manager expertly handles the here and now whilst intuitively knowing when change is needed, and, how to deliver it.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Managing the team within a PACS department
  • Creating and developing fundamental documentation
  • Co-ordinating system changes (this ranges from PACS system implementations to integrations)
  • Escalation point for diagnostic support
  • Expert in all things PACS

Key Skills & Experience:

 5+ years’ experience working with a PACS systems

  • Have great leadership skills
  • Is a detail-orientated individual
  • Effective & clear communicator

The PACS Manager’s ultimate goal is to effectively co-ordinate people, process and systems to uphold the very highest quality of service delivery.

The PACS System Analyst

Also referred to as the Radiology Systems Analyst, the PACS System Analyst is a problem solver! The resident ‘fix-it’ person, the PACS System Analyst are an essential layer to your support team.

The PACS System Analyst is there to support the team by finding solutions to immediate AND on-going problems. If you’re looking to reduce risk of any future system errors, complications or damage, then your department are in need the PACS Systems Analyst!

The number one trait to look for in a PACS System Analyst?...flexibility!

No, not the kind of flexibility needed for an intense yoga session but someone who is agile and able to adapt to changing environments. Being both reactive and proactive, the PACS System Analyst is someone who understands the importance of being flexible with their time and workload.

Alongside the PACS Administrator, the two combined make up the ultimate PACS fire-fighting team! This unstoppable duo are integral to any PACS department, working together to deliver first-line support as well as working to eliminate potential problems.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Providing immediate and long-term solution support
  • Responsible for planned system infrastructure change or alterations
  • Technical PACS system wizard

Key Skills & Experience:

  • 3+ years’ experience working with a PACS system
  • Agile and able to adapt to changing environments
  • Excellent ability to spot potential risks
  • Astute problem-solver

The PACS System Analyst’s ultimate goal is to ensure the PACS system is performing at optimum levels at all times whilst working to resolve all support queries.