June Monthly News Round Up

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Kieran’s First Year in Recruitment? 

It’s been just over a year since IT Infrastructure Specialist, Kieran Kearns (connect with Kieran on LinkedIn), joined IT Works Health. Hear about his recruitment journey so far…


What is Laboratory Systems Administration?

Deep diving into Laboratory Systems Administration, Senior LIMS Recruitment Specialist Daniel Wallace (connect with Daniel on LinkedIn) breaks down the role it plays within a lab and the technology it uses.


Do You Need Interim or Permanent Resources? 

Are you looking to hire permanent or interim employees? Medical Imaging Services Manager, Joe Dawson (connect with Joe on LinkedIn) explains which resources you need for your requirements.


5 Key Milestones When Implementing a New Clinical System 

EPR & Clinical Systems Service Manager, Daniel Bennett (connect with Daniel on LinkedIn), discusses the 5 key things to be considered into a new clinical system implementation.


Wheels on the Ground – Back to Ukraine 

With a little help from the friends of IT Works, we continued our support of the crisis in Ukraine. Our fundraising efforts enabled us to provide a further two vehicles! Read about our fundraising journey so far and how it all began…


What are the Current Market-Leading LIMS?

Senior LIMS Recruitment Consultant, Zachary Harris (connect with Zachary on LinkedIn) shares his thoughts on the current shape of the LIMS market, and which LIMS vendors are most popular amongst our clients.​