Kieran's First Year in Recruitment

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It was just over a year ago our IT Infrastructure Specialist Kieran Kearns joined IT Works Health. Within his first year of recruitment, Kieran has progressed in his role as a recruiter, fast becoming an expert in his niche market. Before entering the business, Kieran sort a change of career from sales into recruitment. Offering him the best incentives, a supportive environment, and great opportunities for progression, he sent his application to us here at IT Works.

Since starting at IT Works, he’s grown in confidence, going from strength to strength. Setting his sights high, Kieran continues to thrive in his career as a specialist recruiter. Hear from Kieran about his recruitment journey so far…

"My first year in recruitment has been life changing. Before I began my career at IT Works Health, I worked in Sales for a construction company. After a bad day at work, I came home and realised I wasn’t fully satisfied in my role. Looking into different career avenues, I knew I wanted to be more in control of my potential earnings. After seeing an advert for IT Works, I knew that recruitment could offer me everything I had hoped for.

Initially it was a big risk for me to change careers into recruitment as my partner and I had just started a family, with our first son being only a month old. Hesitancies soon disappeared though after I reached out to the Recruitment Consultants at IT Works to ask them questions about starting a career in recruitment. With fantastic financial incentives, company benefits, opportunities for progression, and a supportive environment I took the leap of faith into the world of IT Works – and haven’t looked back since!

The 13-week training programme gave me the foundations I needed to become confident at what I do. Having a market mentor, I soon learnt the ropes and progressed quickly to become a specialised recruiter. After making my first deal, I knew I didn’t want to stop! Since starting out, my ambitions have grown exponentially; in only my first year here, I have been promoted from Trainee, to Associate, and now to Recruitment Consultant – something I never thought was possible before joining IT Works.

In my career here, I have continued to be supported, encouraged, and empowered to be the best at what I do. At IT Works, it’s everyone in business that works together. Everyone from management through to those in Finance, Operations, and Marketing are dedicated to helping you succeed. What I’ve learnt is that nothing is ever beyond your reach if you are surrounded by the right people!

What would I say to those thinking of joining IT Works? Well, my advice is simple…take the leap!"

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