PAS: Everything You Need To Know

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What is PAS (Patient Administration System)?

A PAS System within healthcare is a computer software program that helps healthcare providers track and manage their patients' information. It enables them to record, store, and view patient information such as demographics, healthcare information, billing information, and more. They are used to hold records for all patient engagements within the Trust you use or visit. This includes inpatient, outpatient, and emergency cases.

What can a PAS provide within the NHS?​

When a PAS system is integrated into a NHS Trust, it is integrated into a system such as an EPR (Electronic Patient Record System).

There are seven key functions of a Patient Administration System, they are:

  • Patient Registry
  • Managing Appointments
  • Managing Waiting Lists
  • Logging Patient Activity
  • Billing
  • Reporting
  • Hospital Admission and Discharge

Benefits of using a PAS 

Why it is important to have good management of a PAS System?

Implementing a Patient Administration System can help improve data accuracy as well as provide a more efficient and effective service for people receiving healthcare. It also helps reduce administrative costs.

With all records being held in one system, it makes it easier for those that need access to the patient information. This offers a more sustainable solution to the old-fashioned paper notations. It makes information more secure, reliable and ensures that vital data is only entered once.

Employees using the PAS software also feel more comfortable using it because of its simplistic approach to data collection, notes recording, and patient history access. The easy-to-use software means that there is more time in appointments to discuss current health problems and issues of the patient. This will then have a greater impact on the treatment plan that the patient receives.

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