Rome Achievers Trip 2022

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​Typically, for our quarterly achievers, the wining and dining celebrations usually commence in locations such as Liverpool. This time round, testament to the exceedingly huge successes of our brilliant team, we thought an even bigger reward was in order. After being gifted an extra two days holiday, our team excitedly packed their bags ready to tour the world-famous Italian capital…Rome.                    

Starting early on Thursday morning, we raced to beat the sunrise to begin our journey to Italy. Some joking around and a smooth plane ride later, we finally landed at our chosen destination ready for the adventures that were in store. Although, of course, the first port of call was the bar. With a rightly earned beverage in hand, we cheered to the dedication, effort and hard work consistently shown by the team over the past quarter. 

With bright blue skies overhead, it didn’t take long for us to jump straight into the sights of Roma. Led by our very own MD Stuart Quinney (our resident fount of knowledge), we toured around the historic streets - even stumbling upon a couple of familiar Roman soldiers…   

It wasn’t only the sunshine we were soaking up whilst in Rome - it was the culture too. Swinging by some famous landmarks, we were eager to explore the city. Firstly, we headed towards one of the Seven Hills of Rome, Capitoline Hill, to admire the iconic architecture and stunning views that stretched for miles across the city. Over the next few days, we explored other highlights (with some much-needed breaks in between) including the Colosseum and even the Trevi Fountain!  

We all agreed, the views were a little different to our normal office backdrop.  

As the day turned in to night, we were still on the move. Far from bedding down for the evening, we continued our tour of Italy, this time by candlelight. Everywhere we walked, the cobbled streets were bursting with history and grand structures. When visiting the Vatican City, we had the best 360° scenes...


Lastly, the thing that we really came to Rome for… the food. We dined on every sweet and savoury delicacy around in preparation for our final day dinner.  

Settling down for our final family feast together, we were in the midst of deciding a battle victor for the debate going off for weeks on our socials. The ultimate head-to-head between the top two polling traditional Italian favourites was at last upon us. Would it be pizza or pasta that would be crowned our champion?  

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It would be an even split! Although the competition remains ongoing, we nevertheless enjoyed tucking into some delicious foods – of which later recreation attempts would be made to varying degrees of success. 

With everyone’s stomachs full and feet in need of rest, it was eventually time to travel home on Saturday evening.  

We can’t say enough how immensely proud we are of each individual who within only 9 working days managed to smash their January targets – a great result to welcome in the new year. As with all our achiever’s rewards, our trip to Rome was the best opportunity to really celebrate the huge triumphs achieved by every one of our expert team.  

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