The Perfect Match

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What is the ‘Perfect Match’?
Two kinds of people always have a perfect match in mind; romantics and hiring managers. There can be a genuine joy to finding a candidate who perfectly fits a given job spec – they have the skills, they have the experience, the passion; from interview, they even seem like they’ll fit in with their team as a person. You can expect contractors given these roles to be happier to return and permanent staff to stay in place for longer. They’ll be more effective, too!

First Steps
The link between jobs and relationships is pretty obvious; both can form the biggest part of someone’s life, both involve working with others, and (hopefully) you get a lot out of both.

At IT Works Health we’re usually working with people who have properly set out on their career path, but the comparisons go all the way back to that first relationship and your first job.

For some lucky few, that first job tells you what you want. Relationships come in all shapes and sizes, and so do jobs. As specialist recruiters, we tend to work with candidates who’re already well established in their career, but this goes back all the way to your first job – which you can compare to your first relationship.

While it might be love at first sight, your first relationship was probably a very nervous, uncertain time with someone who didn’t entirely fit you. It may not even have been entirely your own idea.

Your first job was almost certainly either arranged for you or was simply the first place that would accept a young employee with no real experience.

Staying in Employment
If a first job is like a first relationship, the job you take in a hurry after losing the last one is like a rebound relationship. Neither one is likely to be that elusive ‘Perfect Match’, but both can be rushed in to.

We do hear from candidates in this position, and when we do, we’ll always try to steer them toward the best option available. As recruiters, we’re lucky enough to have a clearer view of what’s available than a candidate in a hurry. We can use that extra perspective to push for a better outcome.

There are dozens of factors in any romance or any business relationship, but what really brings it together is: connection.