What are the Challenges with a PACS System Implementation?

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Here are the PACS system implementation challenges:

Resources are fundamental for any project success. Therefore, under resourcing can cause major problems with your PACS implementation. Under resourcing could look like lack of support, stretched staffing capacity or even limited funding. Without a clearly defined plan and audit of the resources you have available, it can be challenging to get your PACS implementation up and running.


Vendor Solution
Before you invest in your PACS system, it’s important to assess whether the right solution has been proposed. One of the biggest challenges can be the lack of rapport established with your vendor. Without developing vendor rapport, it can cost you time and money trying to find an alternative solution that could’ve been implemented first time around. Knowing this, it’s best to establish if your vendor can offer your implementation the best solution and right support to ensure a positive rapport is built from the beginning.


Like with any project, timescales can be challenging for a PACS implementation. Usually, unrealistic timescales set through miss aligned expectations can result in unmet deadlines causing delays to solution implementation. Causing stress and frustration, setting unrealistic timescales often have the opposite affect and instead grind your implementation to a halt.


Inadequate training
Providing the right training for your staff can be overlooked at times. Although, failing to empower your staff with the knowledge, understanding, and skills needed can cause you problems further down the line. Inadequate training can make it a lot harder for you to retain the talent you already have, and often lead to staff shortages. Providing the right training ensures you can retain the professionals you’ve hired to make your PACS implementation a success.


Specialist PACS Recruiters
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