Wheels on the Ground - Back to Ukraine

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As you might remember, at our H1 Presentation in April, we held an internal pledge drive to raise funds to support the brave volunteers operating at the Ukraine border. Since the conflict started in Ukraine these men and women have and are still working tirelessly to drive innocents from Ukraine to safety, as well as transporting emergency food and medical supplies where needed.

Through our initial fundraiser, we raised enough money to source and service, a vehicle that was then driven by our team down to the Poland-Ukraine border- ready to be put to good use.

Seeing the impact of the volunteers during the team’s time at the border, when the team arrived back in the UK we got straight to work again. We expanded the pledge drive to our, partners, clients, candidates, suppliers and friends of IT Works – and if you are reading this there is a very real chance you were one of them!

We were overwhelmed by people’s generosity with this second campaign raising over £5000, taking our total to date to over £10,000!!!!

It is thanks to your generosity that last week we purchased two Nissan Navara pickup trucks, based on their combination of fuel efficiency and off-road ability. Today 4 of our team are headed back to the Ukraine border to drop off the Nissan convoy, where they can be used by volunteers to help carry much need supplies to those in crisis.

We believe strongly that any business is a part of a wider community, and it’s our community that has helped us to change the lives of so many in crisis.

We want to take this opportunity to extend a sincere “Thank You” to everyone who contributed, everyone who shared our appeal on social media, and to all of those who contributed along the way to be able to get these two vehicles on the road to Ukraine.

How Can You Help?

With our previous fundraising successes, we are as determined than ever to keep the momentum going on – to raise even more funds. We have set up a GoFundMe page where you can make your donations. To contribute towards our efforts, click here to visit our donations page.