Wheels Rolling for Ukraine

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​Supporting Ukraine in Crisis
Only last week we became aware of a charity, that had been fundraising in the UK to support their volunteers on the Ukrainian border, delivering emergency supplies and transporting refugees to safety.

We got in touch with the charity who highlighted that the vehicle they had been using on the border to transport people to safety had been pushed to its limits. They were also looking to expand the number of vehicles in operation on the ground and reach a wider number of people in need.

As you can see in this video, at our End of Half presentation late last week our CEO Tim Bashall put it to the team as a challenge; we needed to raise £3500 to buy a vehicle, service it and transport it to the border.


The charitable spirit flowed freely in the room – and as you can hear, we absolutely smashed that target.

In total we raised £5470 in less than 10 minutes, exceeding our target by £1970!!!

We believe in a fast turnaround, so a suitable vehicle was located the day after the presentation and delivered to a local garage to replace brake pads and get a good check-up ahead of the journey. All labour was provided free of charge.

Our IT Works funded vehicle departs for Ukraine tomorrow, it will do so loaded by our partner charity with much-needed baby food and other essentials.

How Can You Help?
One thing was clear from the initial pledges; there’s a huge appetite to help in this crisis. We’ve put a JustGiving page in place to help purchase and send a second vehicle out. Everything we can do here to assist in charitable efforts around the Ukraine border and evacuate refugees is worth doing.

Will you join us and donate towards our next vehicle, we have set a target of £5000 over on our donations page.