Laboratory Information Management System Jobs

A LIMS, or Laboratory Information Management System, is the operational heart of most modern laboratories. And, in fact, many laboratory roles are laboratory information management system jobs. But which jobs might you be qualified for, and what might you want to avoid?

Applying for Laboratory Information Management System Jobs

LIMS software is designed to be user-friendly but that kind of interface, for a system managing complex processes involving huge amounts of data, comes with a significant time investment. There are many specialist LIMS jobs involved in this, but fortunately for ease of understanding, there aren’t so many titles.

LIMS Developer

LIMS developer will be someone whose skills primarily lie in the technical side of LIMS. While they might have the experience and skill necessary to discuss long-term plans and understand how data within a LIMS is used, their focus is on making a LIMS work correctly in the first place, from implementation through integrations to troubleshooting, updates, and maintenance.

LIMS Analyst

In contrast, a LIMS analyst focuses on the information and data that can be extracted from a LIMS. Without good, clear analysis, many of the potential benefits of the system will never materialise.

LIMS Administrator

Overseeing the team as a whole, and probably lending their expertise to both functional and technical channels, will be your LIMS administrator. This role really requires a lot of flexibility.

LIMS Consultant

If your LIMS team is one person, or if you’re looking for something more flexible, you will probably want to use a LIMS consultant. This job title can indicate an expert with a very specific focus or a generalist with years of experience.

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