What is Laboratory Administration?

Laboratory Administration explained - 


Put simply, Laboratory Administration essentially keeps a laboratory running at an optimised level of productivity and organisation. Laboratory Administrators are key players who importantly oversee the whole process. The goal is to maintain efficiency. Administrators ensure scientific data from the laboratory is handled, recorded and stored accurately. Starting from sample collection through to the archival of findings, they are involved in every step of the data journey.


How Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) are used – 


How does technology come into play? In most laboratories, it is common practice to have a LIMS in place. The LIMS is fundamental to operational efficiency, allowing workflow to become faster and more regulated through data centralisation. 



Storing huge amounts of data, LIMS enables information to be easily accessible, no matter which part of the lab process you are handling;it has expansive digital capabilities. Its huge range allows high-level methodical tracking, monitoring and management – critical for efficient Laboratory Administration. It truly is an all-round management wizard!



Technological advancements such as the LIMS has been designed to simply standardise laboratory activity – letting the scientists discover the breakthroughs. 



The expertise you are looking for - 



Using LIMS requires a network of technicalpeople to help implement and keep itrunning at its optimum. Laboratory Administration offers a growing number of roles at various levels. For example, a LIMS administrator will be a highly qualified and experienced candidatewhocan lead projects. Their specialist knowledge is essential in providing technical support to keep the vast LIMS up-and-running. This is where we come in… 



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