The Advantages of LIMS Training

Digital health transformation may still be the big buzzword for the NHS and other UK health organisations, but don’t let that fool you; it’s already well under way, and more and more opportunities to progress your career within the health sector assume familiarity with one form or another of digital healthcare systems. This means LIMS training is a high priority for many in the sector.

Getting Your LIMS Training
While most of your training will be specific to a particular system, the basic principles remain the same across all LIMS, and these will form part of your understanding once you’re fully trained.

There are two main avenues which can provide resources for LIMS training; learning as part of a job or going on a training course. Learning as part of a job will always be less expensive, not just in terms of money but also in terms of time. It also has the advantage – a big advantage – that you will have clear evidence you know what you’re doing and can use it in a business context

If you go through a training course, make sure you choose a reputable training provider. This isn’t just about the quality of the training (although that is important), but showing you’ve been trained is a key part of any vocational course, and LIMS training is no exception.

Certification at the end of your course will be trusted as much as the organisation providing the training, so its reputation is key.

Once you have the training you need for LIMS roles, the next step is to land the job you’re looking for. To do that, the best option is still to speak to a specialist recruiter.

We can’t just list job openings on large boards; the requirements for each role are too precise, and the issues with getting it wrong are too significant. So instead we make sure we know the market, so we can put forward the most appropriate candidates for any requirement.
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