What’s the Most Popular EPR System?

With the NPfIT a long-ago memory, the need to move to digital health records has not gone away; instead, the desired solutions have changed. Individual trusts are now turning to commercial systems for their various needs, and must base their decision not only on the system but on the availability of trained staff. Using the most popular EPR system means more trained candidates for the roles you need to fill.

Functions of the Most Popular EPR System
Electronic Patient Records (EPR), also known as Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Health Records, represent a huge step forward in diagnostic support. Being able to see someone’s full medical history at a glance is huge. But an EPR system has to allow for proper confidentiality while also making records available easily when needed.

A good EPR system has to streamline workflows while providing a single source of patient information. It must give better support for decisions and allow for vigilance in correct prescription.

Brands including Cerner Ltd, Allscripts Healthcare, and Dedalus (which you may also have heard of as DXC) have spent a long time in this field, designing software that works within an NHS infrastructure, as well as those used in other healthcare organisations.

Another brand starting to see strong success is Epic which, like Cerner, also offers solutions to a number of other digital health challenges. This support makes both of them candidates to be the long-term most popular EPR systems in the UK. Both are originally American, and while Cerner is firmly established in the UK market Epic has reached our shores comparatively recently.

Finding staff or contractors with experience of Epic is more difficult than for Cerner, but both can present challenges without the network to check in with them.

As specialist recruiters working within the digital healthcare niche, IT Works Health have built up an extensive database of skilled professionals with both brands as well as the others mentioned above – and many more. When you’ve made your decision, whether or not your choose the most popular EPR system, we’ll be ready to help you identify and fill your staffing needs.

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