Are PACS Jobs Going Remote?

As the debate about on-site working versus remote working continues, IT workers are at the heart of the discussion. For some people, getting to work from home is a valuable exchange for some pay or perks – as they find the greater freedom fits their lives better. It’s become an important question to ask – is your business willing to take PACS jobs remote?

What Makes PACS Jobs Remote Ready?
If you’re willing to entertain remote job placements, most of the work has probably already been done. The pandemic led to most organisations figuring out how they could make remote working possible while maintaining security.

There may need to be a hardware and software investment, however, in order to set up any given team member for their connections. A VPN is often used to ensure the security of all data while working remotely, allowing the team member or contractor to access gated systems and information without laying them potentially open to the wider internat. However, this expenditure is usually not much larger (if at all) than it would be to equip someone who worked in the office.

Particularly for short-term contracts you may even find that having your PACS consultant work remotely, rather than in the thick of the office, is easier. Some PACS jobs work better remotely.

There is obviously the question of how you ensure staff working remotely are still working to capacity. However, this is best solved by finding committed workers who are passionate about what they do and who understand the importance of PACS. These roles are key to many important workflows and most specialists who’ve built up experience with PACS know this.

Contact us to discuss your requirements for the role and we’ll help you place the right candidate in the right role.

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