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While the size of the job market is growing, there are also always new candidates coming along. However, the proportion of PACS roles which are contract based means that the market size as a whole isn’t nearly as important as your ability to find an open job within a short recruitment period.

Sadly, this means that traditional job boards aren’t always terribly useful. Instead, it’s worth having access to an industry expert who keeps an eye on the current state of play. If they know your body of work well, and know what you’re capable of and what you’re looking for, they’ll be able to match you to the right role as it comes up. They can take into account your history, your experience with different PACS options, and your understanding of related software.

That’s what makes our consultants stand out. We recognise that it’s not just about satisfying the client; the candidate also has to be happy or the placement won’t be as successful as it should, and might even end early.

We aim to place the right candidate in the right role for the right deal – moneywise and in terms of working conditions, too.

If we can do that, we know people will be satisfied across the board – so that has to be our target.

And that’s why many candidates come back to us whenever their contracts finally end.

If you’ve had any trouble finding open PACS jobs in the UK, contact us today.

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