The Role Of The LIMS Analyst

When first migrating to a LIMS, it can be tempting to see how few new team members are called for. This often leads to a ‘wasted’ implementation as it’s impossible to get full benefit from the system without people who know how. One of the most essential roles once your system goes live is that of the LIMS analyst.

What Does a LIMS Analyst Do?

An analyst is a particular kind of LIMS specialist. Often expected to have some technical skill with regard to the LIMS itself, their primary skills lie in analysis and reporting. Depending on the size of the team, it may be important to bring in an analyst who has experience with other LIMS duties.

In larger teams, those other duties may be taken on by a LIMS consultant. Either way, the focus of the role will be in the data produced by the LIMS system and in acting as an educator. In the wider organisation, there will be individuals who have to make decisions based on the data provided by the LIMS and who do not understand the way it works.

It’s important that a LIMS analyst be able to interpret the data correctly and report their findings in a way that these individuals can understand.

They may be supported in doing this by a LIMS Administrator.

For these reasons it’s rarely best to train a LIMS analyst from within existing internal staff. Someone with experience should be on board from the start of the project.

To find the best candidates, speak to a specialist recruiter focused on the field. They already know the available candidate base and have pre-existing trust built up with many of them. That trust will extend to you when you’re referred to the candidate by your recruiter.

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