Case Study: Interim LIMS Resource

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​Having worked as a niche recruiter for nearly 4 years now (how time flies when you’re in recruitment), I’ve supported many a client and candidate from an array of industries.  

In all of those years connecting together experts in the LIMS market, however, there’s always been one key takeaway that’s stuck in my mind… effective recruitment requires a deep level of understanding!  

Getting to the core of a requirement is always top priority for me during initial conversations with clients. Understanding the particularities of a requirement means I’m able to deliver effective solutions suited to both the client and the candidate. Equipped with an expert understanding of the LIMS market, the client, and the requirement itself; I was able to successfully connect them to the best available LIMS talent.

How Did They Hear About Us?
Returning to our services, the client reached out to us here at IT Works Health in need of a resource for their latest requirement. Having built an established rapport with the client over the past 4 years, I was familiar with their hiring style as well as how the organisation functions and operates. Talking with them over the phone, they were urgently looking to resource talent for a Senior LIMS position.

The Requirement
The client came to IT Works Health in need of staffing support for an upcoming LIMS implementation. Currently in the process of building a new manufacturing facility, they were looking to hire into a crucial project management vacancy. This position would be essential for the overall deployment of the new lab system that needed to be integrated with their global informatics platform. Knowing that fixed term contracts are notoriously challenging to fill, they needed to make a swift hire if they were to meet deadlines.

Who were they looking for?

In their requirement, the client looked to find a candidate with experience in a specific LIMS application, as well as having sound knowledge of laboratory regulations in their sector. With a strong emphasis on project management, the ideal candidate would desirably have also had experience setting up green site labs.

The Process
With the detailed requirement specification taken from the client, I was able to understand exactly what they were looking for, and had an ideal candidate in mind.

The candidate in question had already been in contact with me to say that were open to new opportunities in the LIMS market, with their incumbent fixed-term role coming to an end, so I knew they would be amenable to a new challenge. Speaking with the candidate about the role, they were excited by the opportunity and were keen to be put forward for interview.

 Delivering LIMS Talent
Having sent the candidate profile over to the client the same afternoon, they wasted no time in scheduling in an interview. Impressed by the candidate’s expertise, the client requested an interview for the following day. With the interview scheduled in quickly at a time that suited all involved, I ensured the candidate was adequately prepped for the interview, both in terms of role specification and company knowledge.

Receiving feedback post-interview, each party gave an excellent review of the other. Despite it only being a one-stage interview process, the client was satisfied with the candidate’s expertise and had no doubts that they could deliver the role. Impressed with the candidate’s niche skillset and experience, an offer for the position was made the very same day.

A great success for everyone involved!

With my extensive knowledge of the LIMS market, I was able to resolve what would have been a costly, time-consuming, and potentially unsuccessful hiring process in 36 hours.

If you’d like to find out more about how we deliver you effective LIMS resource solutions, contact me today (Chantelle Cox) to make sure you don’t miss out on the best talent in the market.