CDS in a Laboratory

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What is CDS?
CDS or Chromatography Data System is an informatics solution that gives a chromatography related analysis, controlling data from chromatography instruments, records that are then processed and reports generated. It is a system built to aid workflows in a laboratory, giving insights into aspects such as data, instrument control, automation, ease of use, and flexile reporting. CDS can streamline the entire workflow and deliver better results with confidence. It acquires and processes the chromatograms associated with chromatography tests that are performed within the lab. 

Once the chromatograms have been acquired and processed in CDS, the LIMS retrieves the appropriate data results from the CDS and then can carry out additional calculations before storing the data in the LIMS database.

Over the last few decades, CDS have become very sophisticated and carry out their purpose exceptionally well. In particular, LIMS vendors and systems have enabled a seamless transfer of information between both the CDS and LIMS due to their well-built interface systems.

A well-networked CDS is crucial for running an efficient and reliable chromatography laboratory. CDS technology was built for streamlining laboratory workflows with both the lab and IT in mind. It can also be scaled up easily from a single system into global deployment as well as being able to track and account for data – making it easy to use.

With a centrally implemented CDS, you can gain considerable efficiency gains for the chromatography workflows within an organisation. With this, lab operations can be made more efficient, lab staff can be trained more easily and can be implemented more quickly. Furthermore, the mobile access allows data results and everything else to be communicated from any location, meaning processes are even more streamlined.

The main users of CDS are the IT Technicians and Scientists. They are able to use the system for simplifying repetitive tasks, reducing chromatography errors and generally minimising specification results and can be fully integrated with LIMS, therefore making the lives of the technicians and scientists that much easier.

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