Insights from Rewired 2024

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Bridging the Gap Between Digital Transformation & Healthcare Infrastructure


Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending Rewired 2024, an enlightening event that brought together professionals from various fields to discuss technology within healthcare. Among the talks and discussions a few stood out to me, reshaping my perspective on the future of healthcare and digital innovation.

Steven Hipwell talk on the necessity of integrating digital transformation into the earliest stages of architectural planning. Steven emphasised the importance of considering digital infrastructure from the very inception of building projects, advocating for its inclusion during Stage 0 of the RIBA stages. After working in the estates world for 4 years this really made me think on how estates can work with digital teams to make sure that it’s a joint collaboration rather than two separate roles. His words resonated deeply, highlighting the crucial role of technology in shaping the future of our built environment.

Another standout presentation was delivered by Mark Taylor MBA , who shared insights into the transformative power of sensor technology within hospital settings. Taylor showcased how strategically placed sensors could revolutionise patient flow and staff efficiency. By linking sensors to Electronic Patient Records (EPR), hospitals could anticipate patient needs in advance, ensuring timely access to necessary equipment and resources. The example he used were for Hoists needed for physio, a sensor could allow the staff to see where the patient is up to in their flow of the hospital and can anticipate when and where the hoist will be needed, therefore arriving when it is required rather than the other way round of having to locate the hoist. I enjoyed the potential of patients having their own sensor to allow staff to review data from the patient flow from each visit. Staff can review the data and therefore improve the flow, if the patient is going back and forth from different departments and is having to be moved around, this can in future show lessons to improve the planning of hospitals as well as the current flow. Mark's discussion outlined the immense potential of technology to streamline healthcare functions and enhance patient care.

One of the most impactful moments came from a discussion on diversity and inclusion, led by key leaders within the NHS, provided a poignant reminder of the importance of creating an inclusive healthcare environment. The points prompted reflection on how we can all contribute to adopting a more inclusive society, both professionally and personally. As a new father to a daughter, these discussions hit home, reminding me of the responsibility we all have to make this happen. Abigail Harrison Rizwan Malik Paul Rice Rafiah A.

Overall, my experience at Rewired 2024 was thought-provoking. Engaging with leaders from the digital tech world not only expanded my understanding of healthcare innovation but also highlighted the need to connect digital technology and traditional infrastructure.

As I continue to navigate the evolving landscape of healthcare, this visit to Rewired has opened my eyes to technology’s immense potential for transformative change in healthcare delivery. I’m inspired to add more to these interesting and important discussions in the upcoming conversations surrounding collaboration between digital and estates I’ll be having with key digital leaders.


Were you at rewired? What did you find most interesting?