Importance of a Business Change Manager

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​Business change management is an important part of any transformation, transition, or developmental project. Particularly in the EPR and Clinical Systems market, a Business Change Manager plays a fundamental part in contributing to the overall outcome of a project. Understanding their role and its significance within a wider context of any given project is vital for resource decision-making, and therefore should be an essential consideration in your next EPR programme strategy.

What is a Business Change Manager?

A Business Change Manager is a professional responsible for leading, managing, and overseeing the implementation of strategic changes within an organization to achieve business goals. They play a crucial role in ensuring that change initiatives are effectively planned, communicated, and executed to minimize disruption and maximize benefits.

The primary responsibilities of a Business Change Manager include assessing the impact of proposed changes, developing change management strategies, and engaging with various stakeholders to gain their buy-in and support. They work closely with project teams and senior management to drive change, address resistance, and monitor progress to ensure successful outcomes.

Where is a Business Change Manager Positioned?

Sitting within the programme team, typically a Business Change Manager reports directly to the programme leader. Effective management is all about identifying potential areas of concerns, providing support throughout the change process from initial phases through to the point of go-live. Typically, a Business Change Manager leads a team of people known as the Change team.

What is their role?

They are an essential part of the change process, and often act as the go-to between key stakeholders in the programme team and end-users. Effective communication is a priority for a Business Change Manager; they are responsible for relaying important information that effects decision making. An ability to build easy rapport with other professionals is important for a Business Change Manager as collaboration is an essential part of their role.

Utilising resources effectively is a wider organisation goal to any business change plan. Requiring huge investments, a Business Change Manager ensures plans unfold smoothly, easing the transitional period, and delivering effective change. It is the role of a Business Change Manager to shed light on areas of concern, present actions that need to be taken to keep a project on track for success and neutralise risks. Their involvement throughout the process of change ensures that IT Systems hit the ground running, with buy-in from all parties.

The expertise you’re looking for…

Implementing a new EPR or updating an IT System requires a team of business change professionals to help effectively deliver business change. Importantly, a Business Change Manager oversees the overall process of development, transition, or transformation. The essential ingredient for success? Hiring the right person or people for the job!

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