NHS IT Support: Planning for 2022

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Recently I’ve been taking calls from more hiring managers than ever, and it’s pretty clear why; many trusts are looking to sort out their NHS IT support going forward into 2022. It got me thinking about the question of supply and demand.

Obviously this is a challenging time to be looking for new team members as many have just gone back into employment, but there are still plenty of candidates suitable for these roles.

The big problem isn’t a lack of options; it’s how hard they can be to find. There’s a surprising issue coming up here; the people looking for work don’t know where to look for NHS roles, and they aren’t easy to find themselves.

Planning for 2022
We’ve got less than two months before 2022 gets started. Christmas and New Years’ will take some of that time away when it comes to finding and hiring the right candidates.

It’s only reasonable that we’re seeing more contact from hiring managers; these roles need filling urgently, but the candidates are hidden away.

There are definitely qualified candidates near you – they just need finding, and we know where to look.

The one challenge you might still have is if you hold off for too long. Most people want to be employed or at least know a new job is coming over Christmas, and every qualified candidate who accepts a role is one fewer who might come to work for you!

If you’re having difficulty filling IT support roles, reach out to me directly. I’m always happy to discuss new openings and start the search going for candidates who’ll match your needs.

If you’re already making plans for 2022, now is the time to pick up the phone. I’m confident I can find someone to suit you.