What Does Acquisition by Oracle Mean For Cerner

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What is Cerner? And what is it used for in a Public Healthcare Organisation?

Cerner is an EHR (Electronic Health Records) or EPR (Electronic Patient Record) currently employed by some public healthcare organisations in the UK. Getting rid of the once manually written paper patient record, Cerner has already changed the landscape of digital health.

Incorporating any EHR/EPR into a healthcare organisation primarily aims to digitising patient records. For its stakeholders, a move to the digital has effectively streamlined processes within healthcare organisations. On a large scale, masses of data gets processed and input onto a centralised electronic database. Oracle’s acquisition of Cerner aims to accelerate and innovate these processes.


Benefits of Oracle’s acquisition of Cerner

Combining expertise, purpose, and innovation, acquisition by Oracle brings with it only a positive impact to the services, workflow, and patient care provided by Cerner.


Introducing new technological innovations:

Driving forward the digital modernisation, plans have been announced to implement more AI features including things like voice recognition.

 Increasing storage capacity:

 Oracle has already shown the potential a Cloud-based solution can bring to large-scale organisations. Introducing the Cloud to Cerner reduces physical storage space not only in terms of record rooms but also server rooms as well. With the Cloud, Cerner will have greater capacity to store even more data.

 Improving patient records:

 Again, with Cloud capabilities, improvements can be made to the privacy protection of EPRs. For patients, this will make their personal information more secure.

Lowering costings:

 Reducing the workload of clerical staff in medical practices, processes can be even more streamlined. Increasing efficiency means that resources can be better allocated, and overall costings reduced.


IT Works Health as Solution Providers

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