Who are the Current Market-Leading LIMS Vendors?

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Who are the market leading LIMS vendors? Growing over the last few years, the LIMS market has surged in popularity. Because there are a number of LIMS vendors out there to choose from, it’s beneficial to know which LIMS system can provide you with the solution you’re looking for.  

In the LIMS market, each system is unique. Offering different performance functionalities, specialised features, and interfaces there are plenty of options to pick from; so much so that it can be overwhelming to know which system fits your laboratory setting. Knowing the top leaders in the market can help you to weigh up your options.

How do we know which LIMS systems people are using?

Here at IT Works Health, each expert Recruitment Consultant is dedicated to a particular niche market area. Servicing the LIMS market, I work closely with clients, developing a deep understanding of their LIMS requirements. My breadth of market knowledge allows me to spot any emerging trends. This means I'm one of the first to know which systems organisations are currently using, which skill sets are in demand, and which systems or versions clients are looking to implement.


LIMS Market Trends?


  • Vendors LabVantage provide a LIMS solution by the same name, LabVantage LIMS
  • LabVantage is best known for offering their customers flexibility, accessibility, and easy configurability
  • As a SaaS, their cloud-based LIMS solution is suited for a number of various sized organisations across a range of sectors


Thermo Fisher Scientific: 

  • Best known for their SampleManager solution
  • SampleManager LIMS is a product facilitating the management of all laboratory data
  • Popular vendors throughout the pandemic with their Amplitude solution which was widely used in the lighthouse laboratories to facilitate rapid PCR testing



  • Vendors LabWare provide laboratory software products including LIMS, ELN, and LES
  • Best known for LabWare LIMS
  • Offer configurable cloud-based implementation options
  • Centring users at the heart of their product delivery, LabWare continuously develop their products from customer requests


What we do:

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