Why Niche Recruitment is Key in a Buoyant Market

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Why Niche Recruitment is Key in a Buoyant Market –
In a buoyant market, it is important to stay on top of finding talent. If you are in a sector where business is booming, surely, you’d have a wealth of candidates to choose from? As a niche recruiter, we know that this isn’t usually the case.

Massive growth means that at some point or another you will inevitably need to hire or replace employees in your organisation. Although, when you get to that stage, it can be difficult to know where to look for the person (or people) you want to hire.  

Maybe you’ve experienced a scenario where you can’t find the right candidate? Perhaps you’ve struggled to receive applicants? Or maybe, you’ve spent too much time, money, and resources on a hiring process that has brought you no return? 

Typically, in a buoyant market, it is hard to source candidates because there are no candidates currently searching for employment opportunities. Growth of the market inevitably leads to a shortfall of candidates. For a client looking to hire, active candidates are non-existent. It’s at this point, problems start to build up.


Why you Should Use a Niche Recruiter -
A niche recruiter is 100% committed to providing solutions to your hiring problems. When standard recruitment agencies are used it usually produces the same results…unsuitable candidates and prolonged applicant searches.

A standard recruitment agency pulls from the same non-existent active market already exhausted. Without a specialist approach to your recruitment process, it fails to differentiate you from your competitors. Rather than deviating for quick wins, we even turn down jobs outside of our market to remain dedicated to our niche.

With everyone fishing from the same pond, niche recruitment gives you access to a wider network of talent in specific markets. For example, in the LIMS market, I focus solely on speaking to LIMS professionals daily. Having these working relationships established means I have a detailed understanding of candidates. I know who they are, where they are currently working, when their contract is ending, and ultimately when they will be next available. From this information, I make swift but well-informed decisions on the candidates suitable for our clients.


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