Why you need an IT Project Manager

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Whilst it is difficult to define the role of an IT Project Manager, their importance is indisputable. Typically deployed on implementation & rollout projects, an IT Project Manager is essential for setting plans into motion. So, what is it an IT Project Manager does? What role do they play in the success of a project? When in the change process or project do they need to be hired?

Here’s everything you need to know about an IT Project Manager...

What do they do?
Although an IT Project Manager can wear many different hats, their role exists to ensure IT projects are appropriately planned, organised, and led. Directing people to where they need to be, at the right time, the IT Project Manager brings together the pieces of the jigsaw (so to speak). They are the mediators that control the flow of resources, information, and communication. Essentially, they are responsible for the overall management of the project.

An IT Project Manager is also responsible for outlining clear expectations for the project. Not only do expectations need to be delivered to the team but they should also be communicated to key project decisions makers. Why do expectations need to be clearly defined? Well, it’s the best way to create buy-in from the team whilst making sure engagement levels remain at a constant high throughout the project.

Who are they? 
Usually reporting to the Programme lead, the IT Project Manager is a senior member of the project team. Working on a senior level, an IT Project Manager is someone who is well-organised, an excellent communicator, and natural problem solver.

To become an IT Project Manager, qualifications aren’t necessarily required but most commonly candidates for this role will have a PRINCE 2 certification. Why a PRINCE 2 certification? This is because PRINCE 2 is a project management standard practice that can applied to almost any organisation.

With a clinical systems project, it is advantageous for an IT Project Manager to know how the IT System works as well as how it operates with different systems. A knowledge of existing workflows can also be beneficial for change to be managed correctly so that resources and training can be either allocated or introduced.

What makes a good IT Project Manager? 
A good IT Project Manager will be highly skilled in stakeholder engagement. They should also be solution-driven and adaptable. One of the most valuable skills an IT Project Manager can possess is communication. A great communicator ensures everyone reads from the same page. This makes it easier for risk to be managed or problems to be resolved quickly and efficiently (whenever they crop up) always with an awareness of the end-user in mind.


Hiring an IT Project Manager
Hiring an IT Project Manager is essential in the planning stage of any digital health transformation. Employing the right person who can fulfil the role can either make or break your project. Get it right first time by reaching out to us here at IT Works Health.