Finding a LIMS Admin Job

The number of LIMS solutions in place around the country is always growing, and the number of skilled LIMS admins doesn’t grow as fast. In theory, that makes for a candidate-short market, giving every candidate a great chance of landing the role.

In practice, that isn’t really the case – the greatest challenge isn’t with the client, trying to find candidates. It’s with the candidates, trying to find clients at all.

How Do You Look for LIMS Admin Jobs?
You won’t find these roles advertised on the traditional job boards, and only some of them are even listed on the internal NHS platform.Because the market for LIMS is partly public and partly private, and because the skillset required is highly specific and advanced, these just aren’t the most sensible way to advertise the role.

There’s one key downside to this; it limits the number of candidates a given employer can reach to those who already know where to look, plus any who are introduced to the listing by people who know.

This can mean that often, the best thing you can do is make some noise and hope to be noticed – because there are still people out there who’ll be looking. They just don’t tend to be the hiring managers or other decision makers at the employer.

Instead, the people keeping their eyes out for LIMS admins are people like us – specialist recruitment consultants working in the health industry.

With a pre-existing network of clients who know our value and trust our recommendations, when there’s a LIMS admin role to be had we’re among the first to know about it – and while we have plenty of qualified candidates in our database, we know how important it is to find new talent consistently so we can always match the right client with the right candidate.

We want to make sure you’re going to enjoy your time with your employer, and that your employer will get the most out of you. The bigger our network, the more likely we are to be able to do both at once.

To discuss our current opportunities or just chat about the future and start making plans, contact us today.

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