Advertising Laboratory Information Systems Jobs

As the digital health transformation continues to gather pace, laboratories across Britain find themselves with ever more competition for LIMS specialists. So what’s the secret to successfully advertising laboratory information systems jobs?

Filling Your Laboratory Information Systems Jobs
While there are many different LIMS options out there, there are enough commonalities between platforms that experience with any of them usually doubles for experience with any other. So when you’re advertising your roles, it’s recommended that you use LIMS rather than the specific software in the job title. That way, more searches have the opportunity to show your job in the search results.

More important, though, is where you advertise your laboratory information systems jobs. If you advertise purely on the big job boards, you might expect that this is the best way to reach the most qualified candidates.

However, because so few businesses advertise LIMS roles on the big job boards, LIMS consultants have learned not to bother checking them – and so they don’t.

(There is a good reason that businesses don’t do this – any qualified candidates are drowned out in the volume of applications from people with no experience and who often couldn’t tell you what LIMS stands for.)

Instead, advertise your roles through specialist recruiters. Because these people already know the market – clients and candidates – when they first see your job spec they won’t think in terms of a general description. Instead they’ll be thinking of several specific individuals, each of whom they know has the skills and experience needed for the position.

Once they’ve got the details in place with you, they’ll call those candidates – and any others they find who fit the role – and check in with them. Some candidates may not be willing to relocate (if you require on-site presence) or be otherwise occupied in a way that rules them out.

It may be that they need to turn to the market, using a combination of their expertise and their extensive network to turn up a candidate they weren’t previously aware of. But with the trust they’ve built up among candidates and the reputation they’ve taken pains to establish, they’ll be able to find suitable LIMS specialists they can put forward for your review.

At IT Works Health we average one placement for every 2.5 CVs we send out. That’s not a success rate you get through advertising blindly; we take our time to make sure any candidate we put forward is just right for the role, and that they’re excited for the role. That keeps missed opportunities and wasted time to a minimum for all concerned.

To fill your openings, just contact us today.

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