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The role of a LIMS is essential for any organisation in the health sector, with the possible exception of the very smallest. One of the most popular LIMS solutions in the UK is Labware, meaning that there will always competition for Labware LIMS jobs. How do you attract the best candidates to yours?

Advertising Labware LIMS Jobs
The candidate pool in this market is competitive, but it’s limited in size. It’s important to speak directly to that pool; adverts running on any of the traditional big job boards will only reach some of the pool,

It’s probably not possible to reach everyone pursuing a Labware career at once, but there are definitely strategies that allow you to reach more candidates than others.

There are specialist recruitment boards which can be more effective, and you can always search CV libraries for potential candidates. However, both of these methods are limited not just in who they will reach – they’re limited in the maximum number of people you can reach.

A far better solution is to connect to an active network. If you already have Labware specialists on your team, there’s a good chance they already know some others in the field, and they might be able to recommend someone (or their contacts might).

Bear in mind, though, that nobody working in the field has as extensive a contacts list as a specialist recruiter working with LIMS candidates.

We’re constantly in contact with our network, and our focus on matching the right candidate to the right role at the right price means that when we put a candidate forward, our clients know they’ll be suitable for the role. That trust is important to us – but we know that when a new client first gets in touch, they need to put us to the test first.

Our LIMS team is waiting for your call.

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