Looking for a LIMS Specialist?

Whether it’s to implement a new system or to provide support, training, or ongoing maintenance, if you don’t already have someone with the relevant training on board you’ll need to find a qualified LIMS specialist.

What Do You Need from a LIMS Specialist?
The first step in the process involves working out exactly what the specialist is needed for.

Are you looking for a contractor or recruiting for a permanent role? Does the job involve installing and implementing the new system or maintaining an existing system?

How many people will need to use the system, and what training will they need?

Do you have the capacity within your organisation to carry out troubleshooting and run support for the system, or will someone be needed for this, too?

In some cases while asking these questions the problem can very easily become not ‘what should our LIMS specialist do’ but ‘how many specialists will we need?’

Knowing what is needed – and being able to estimate how much work this will be – makes it much easier to advertise for the role or roles. It also gives a much better chance of hiring a candidate who is a positive fit for the role and the company.

Selecting Your Candidate
The job role is essential to a successful recruitment. Once created, though, it needs to reach appropriate candidates.

While some workplaces have the time and the patience to sift through the unqualified candidates who will apply to listings on the standard job boards, many others do not.

Especially if time is critical, it’s better to find your LIMS specialist through expert recruiters, who will ensure that all the candidates they present you with have already been qualified against your requirements.

Our network of specialists is deep and extensive, built up over years of positive results and placements. It’s often possible for us to source the right candidate for the role without even needing to reach out beyond our network – but we have the capacity to do that easily when we need to.

Contact us to discuss your needs and get the recruitment process started.

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