Digital Health Transformation in the NHS: Long Term Plan

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The Plan
The Plan is built around several key apps and software systems, from the patient-facing NHS App to the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) that has become the normal for most of the country. However, other systems are necessary in support.

Electronic Patient Records (EPR) software, laboratory information management systems (LIMS), picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and much more underpin the smooth operation of hospitals across the United Kingdom.

As the next phase of the Plan is released, these systems will only become more vital. With many competing systems available, NHS trusts are choosing the systems that match their needs – and recruiting the professionals needed to implement, maintain, and run them.

As this moves into a new phase, IT Works Health will be here to help you fill your requirements.

We’ll be looking at the newest iteration of the Plan just as closely as anyone in the NHS, ready to support you through the next year of digital health

How IT Works Health Can Help
The IT Works Health team contains specialists in the key markets required for this part of the Long Term Plan. They know many of the candidates, especially those with long term experience.

Our team are always ready for a call to discuss your requirements. If your plans for the new year in the NHS are already set, why not get started now, ahead of the upcoming increased demand?